Avoid Product Safety Complaints

I’ve seen a lot of accounts lately with various types of Safety Complaints, Used Sold as New, Not as Described, etc.

These were primarily for products in Health and Personal Care (HPC), Beauty, and Grocery.

These categories are currently gated on purpose.  Amazon allows just about anyone to sell as a 3p seller with little to no barrier to entry.

To protect consumers, these categories are monitored closely and are more likely than others to yield Performance Notifications for buyer complaints.

You can receive these notifications for virtually ANY kind of issue where your product fails to meet buyer expectations.

The biggest failures come from:

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Common Sense Account Protection

I received a call today from Amazon.

I recognized the 206 area code so I made sure to pick up.

Them:  “Hello, this is MySellerSupportName calling from Amazon.  Is this the account owner for MyAmazonStoreName?”

Me:  “Yes, that’s me.”

Them:  “For verification purposes, can you tell me the email address that you use to log in to Seller Central?”

Me:  “How do I know this is Amazon calling?

Them:  “That is a GREAT question and I’ve never been asked that before.  I’m calling about a case ID and I can give you that ID so you can verify.”


Make sure you don’t get scammed.  Ask for verification that the caller is who they say they are.


Wholesale…a safer bet.

For Amazon 3p sellers, sourcing is critical to your success.

While there are plenty of options to find new inventory to bring to the marketplace platform, some of those product

sources are far superior than others when it comes to protecting your account health.

I’ve been telling every seller who will listen that the trends I’m seeing point toward your needing to be

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