Safety Complaints

“Is this thing safe?!?!?!”

That’s a pretty common question a lot of consumers have in mind.  Don’t kid yourself.  Amazon is thinking that too….on behalf of their customers.

If you are selling items you are having manufactured or even if you are reselling other products, you have standards and testing and licensing and inspection you might need to be concerned about.

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if your products were taken off the marketplace when a safety program could have prevented that?

It is not at all uncommon for you to experience this type of issue with your Amazon account so you want to make sure to incorporate safety programs to protect yourself and the consumer.  If you are not equipped to do this yourself, it is always best to reach out to a resource with the expertise you lack.

You focus on your sales, and I can help you with the safety procedures for your product or can refer you to a strategic partner when appropriate.  I can also create a POA (Plan of Action) for any complaint your product will have.  If you find yourself needing help, you can click here to set up a consultation or click here and we can get started.

See this link to find even more detail from one of my trusted partners: