Walmart RA or OA TAX FREE

If you want to shop at the store and you don’t want to pay taxes on your Retail Arbitrage finds, follow these easy steps:

Go to the service counter and take a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate that you can leave behind. You fill out a form and they give you a little card. You show the card at the register every time BEFORE you check out.


If you are shopping online and you want to get your tax back after your Online Arbitrage purchases, do this:

Email your reseller certificate to [email protected]Once you’re approved, you need to email [email protected] requesting that they refund the tax after your orders. Online, you’ll always be charged tax and then you get it refunded once you contact them. There is no way for the tax to not be charged in the first place online.

Save money when flipping AZ to AZ with Amazon’s Tax Exempt Program

How can I enroll in ATEP?

Go to Your Account. Under Settings, select Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP).

Registering for an Amazon Business account is optional. You are not required to register for a business account to enroll in ATEP.

Develop a Proactive Strategy for Resolving Negative Feedback

It is easy to forget that feedback can make or break an e-commerce business on Amazon.

Get expert advice and support to maintain a healthy feedback score and gain and retain customers.

Learn more about E-Commerce Best Practices from Skubana’s E-Commerce Mastery Series.

In the Seventh episode of Skubana’s E-Commerce Mastery Series where we invite experts of their respected fields to share their best practices for success, our host, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of interviews Scott Margolius founder of FeedbackRepair.

Some essential lessons from this video are:

  • How and why we receive so much negative feedback and how to get it shut down quickly

  • What you should do with specific ASIN’s that are constantly causing problems

  • The importance of diversifying the marketplaces you are in and add backup channels

  • How to be proactive with your feedback