In a recent conversation with a client, I was asking him questions about a notification he had received.

He mentioned that another notification had come through previously but he didn’t do anything about it because it said DoNotReply.

Then, it dawned on me that this ONE ISSUE could be the cause of a lot of seller confusion.

When an email from ANY source including Amazon has an email address like this: “[email protected],” that only means the entity does not monitor incoming email to that address.  For Amazon in particular, it does NOT mean that you shouldn’t reply.  My guess is there is the same disconnect when it comes to receiving Notifications.  A large segment of the Amazon Seller population mistakenly interprets a Notification as something more like an FYI.  If you receive a notification via email or your Performance Notifications dashboard, it usually means Amazon expects you to take ACTION.  Most of those types of communications are not usually not just for your reference.

If you get an email from Amazon that says: “DoNotReply,” do NOT assume that means you should not take action.

You will want to take IMMEDIATE action to rectify a situation.  You need to take proactive steps with almost every Performance Notification you receive.  If you want to learn what to monitor and where to monitor your account metrics so you can proactively avoid issues, we can show you that here.  If you need help responding to a Performance Notification or need help with a Plan of Action for a blocked asin or fixing some other sort of obscure issue, feel free to reach out to us here to schedule an appointment or here to start your asin reinstatement.