We help with many Amazon and eBay related issues and opportunities.

We can help you…

  •    sell more effectively and efficiently.
  •    select niches to fit you best.
  •    optimize private label products, develop bundles, and create new products.
  •    navigate FBA through coaching.
  •    develop your Branding and bring your Brands and products onto the Amazon Marketplace.
  •    protect your brand, listings, and reputation.
  •    manage MAP pricing.
  •    secure reimbursements.
  •    develop custom software solutions.
  •    discover and pinpoint customers through demographics research.
  •    obtain an authorized second seller account.
  •    get Ungated in Beauty, Grocery, and Health and Personal Care.
  •    broker your Amazon business (buy and sell within T.O.S.).

…….and more

We have reinstated Amazon seller accounts when they have been suspended or banned. We have helped sellers establish new accounts. Our custom-to-you strategies maximize your sales, your time, and your effectiveness. We have over 21 years invested in managing and maintaining customer experiences.

If we fail to perform, we provide full refunds less a retainer fee of 25%.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Check around.  You won’t see refunds offered by other service providers.

After payment, you give us the details for the feedback that you want removed. We do the rest for you. It is that simple. We have methods we use that are tried and tested and have proven to be very effective. Many times your feedback can be removed the same day. Not all feedback can be removed, but IF it can, we can do it.

You can open a support ticket to start a dialog. You can also send us an email.

For larger accounts, you can set us up as a temporary user.

We have a standard price of $24.95 for one feedback removed. There is also a discounted price for 6 as well as an additional discount for 12. We can negotiate other options if you have more.

We have clients who contract with us monthly for Amazon feedback removal as well as Amazon business consulting. When you need advice on product listings or private label review clean-up or if don’t see a specific solution offered, just ask.

We have split-tested many techniques, developed word combinations, and honed psychological and sociological approaches to custom blend and tailor solutions for you.

You decide if you want us to handle everything hands-free and turnkey or if you simply want us to help you.  We gather the details and history of the negative feedback.  We can get that from you in multiple ways:  through our ticketing system, email, phone, or remote pc access or you can add us to your account as a user with limited permissions.

For larger clients we provide a regular monthly maintenance agreement. This is the simplest long-term solution when customers have a large volume of negative feedbacks to clean up.

Yes, we do have an Affiliate program.

You would first need to register and then become approved.

We would then assign a unique code and a % amount to be associated with each sale.

If you are registering, CLICK HERE

If you are already an Affiliate, CLICK HERE