You have a problem

If you are getting feedback like the below, you have a problem.

How do I know this, you ask?

Read on….


“Still waiting for my order, is been 1 month since I ordered this item. Terrible. Maybe someone is bringing the item by foot. where is my order?????”

“I DID receive the two packs of vacuum bags today, AFTER a whole month of waiting. The package came from over the pond, or guess traveled by a horse and buggy?”

“Order was shipped on Dec 4 and by December 27th I still have not received the product. Can’t imagine the shipping service they use, a canoe? Do not order from this company if you want to receive your product in this century.”


If you have these kinds of issues, you have some real operational concerns that need fixed immediately.

You should, in fact, cease ALL shipping and sales of any kind until you can get this resolved.  The obvious solution

for this seller was simply to switch to all FBA.  Anything short of that and they’ll likely lose their account

in the coming weeks.