Step over the penny

I always pick up pennies when I see them.  They are worth 3 cents and it is tax free.  I saw an argument about picking up a penny based upon what your time is worth.  If you make $300/hr ($5/second), it just cost you $4.99 to pick up that penny.

 I pick them up anyway because it is a habit and I’m an amateur collector anyway.
Those thoughts almost always bring me back to the idea of stepping over a dollar to save a penny.
How does that relate to anything in the world of ecommerce or to your Amazon business?

somewhere-it-is-cheaperI used to tell clients to “go ahead” and reply to Performance Notifications and Account Suspensions on their own.  I would tell them to give it a shot because it is free and it can’t hurt to try and then if you fail, you can come back to me or another expert and get professional help.  I don’t give that advice any more.  Why?  Because it isn’t good advice.  If you try and fail with your own POA, it is MUCH more challenging to present a successful argument to Seller Performance.   The whole process is much more difficult and convoluted.  I’ve even considered charging at least 25% or greater than what I already charge if you’ve already attempted reinstatement on your own.  It really ought to be 50%.  That’s how much damage you do when you fail.  It is more work and more time and a lower chance of success.  So, if there are any areas where you are tempted to skimp, the health of your account or the reinstatement of your selling privileges is just not that area.