Sometimes you simply get inspired….

I watched this:

Then, I wrote this:

There is no time like the present to start fulfilling your destiny. You don’t just get there automatically. Just like we aren’t here on earth by accident, we have to be intentional. We must live transformatively. Take time now to see. To really see. To really hear. How did you get where you are in life? What will you do to get to the next level? What can you start doing differently? How can you “own it” when it comes to your life? What do you do to “make it happen” instead of letting life happen to you? Kill your passivity. Overcome the obstacle in your way. Correct your vision. Sometimes you become aware in the crucible. Take the opportunity today to step back for a moment. Kill procrastination. Kill excuses. Kill distractions. Live for something greater than yourself.

Then, I turned off my phone ringer and wrote an ebook.