Great opportunity for MFN sellers

If you have any part of your inventory that is MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network) then this is an opportunity Amazon is offering for which you should apply.

This could be a great way to increase your sales for MFN items.


Seller Fulfilled Prime

Sellers who have proven their ability to meet Prime customers’ expectations for service are now able to enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Sellers who are approved and enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime will:

  • Provide Prime shipping benefits to Amazon Prime members.
  • Offer Free Standard Shipping for all Prime items.
  • Purchase shipping for all Prime items through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Service.
  • Agree to all shipping, returns, and customer service requirements applicable to Prime items.

Making your products Prime-eligible can significantly increase your sales. Seller Fulfilled Prime allows you to list your products as Prime-eligible, while maintaining control of your own fulfillment operations.

See more information about eligibility and program requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Apply now

Just apply here:


Here are the requirements:

1. Offer Premium Shipping Options (two-day or faster). This is how to offer Premium Shipping Options if you don’t know how:

  • Log into Seller Central.
  • Click “Settings” (top right) -> “Shipping Settings”
  • Click the “Edit” button (on the right side, corresponding to “Your Per Item/Weight Based Model”)
  • Make sure the “2 business days” check box is checked. This ensures you are enrolled in Premium Shipping Options

2. Fulfill at least 30 premium shipping (two-day or faster) orders in a 30 day period

3. Meet the following delivery performance metrics on these 30 premium shipping orders: >= 96% On Time Delivery, >=94% Valid Tracking, <=1% Cancellation Rate. To monitor your delivery performance:

  • Click on Performance (top middle of screen)
  • Click “Summary” (top left of screen)
  • In the Premium Shipping Eligibility box, click the “Show all Eligibility Requirements” link
    • NOTE: The metrics shown as “Required” (top right) are for the Premium Shipping program. The requirements for admission to Seller Fulfilled Prime are >= 96% On Time Delivery, >=94% Valid Tracking, <=1% Cancellation Rate.

Once you have reached the Prime bar on Premium Shipping (two-day or faster) orders, we will notify you of your eligibility for Seller Fulfilled Prime.