When you get a message from Seller Performance…

If you get a message from Amazon’s Seller Performance or Product Quality teams about your Amazon Account Suspension and it starts out like this:


Thank you for responding to our request for information. However, we still need more information

regarding your plan of action for Wrong Item and Used Item Sold as New complaints before we can reinstate your selling privileges.

You have just submitted your POA (Plan of Action) and the team suggests that you should search “Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges” in Seller Central Help.  However, you already did that.  You wrote the best appeal you could.  Now you are being told you need to send another one or they still need more information.
DON’T send in another POA.  You have already tried and failed.  You may have done a lot of research, consulted with other sellers, even ones who have been suspended and reinstated.  But, Amazon is NOT hearing from you what they want to hear.  DON’T keep sending in new POA’s.  This actually reduces your chances of success.  Now is the time to hire a professional to write a new Plan of Action.  This isn’t what you wanted to hear.  But it is far better than hearing that your selling privileges have been removed and that you may not hear any response even after additional repeated attempts.  You want to stop and regroup and get some expert reinstatement support.