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I had a crazy-obscure FBA issue where the inbound shipping team mis-identified my shipment and sent me a photo of a pallet of merchandise that wasn’t even mine and sent me a scary performance notification.  Scott helped me get this situation fixed and I was back on track within a day.  He even got me a reimbursement for the Unplanned Prep Services fees incorrectly incurred.


I can’t thank you enough!  Sometimes you need an expert. Scott@ feedback repair is that expert. He responded so quickly and was able to bring my account back in good standing. I got negative feedback removed that was placing my business in jeopardy. I am forever grateful to him. He is so attentive and listens with an innate clarity that is quite impressive. Scott’s fees are quite reasonable for the invaluable service he provides. The amount of service and insight he provided far outweighed the cost. He is worth his weight in gold. He gave me peace of mind. To me, that is priceless. Thank you again, Scott


"That was a great coaching call, I learned so much. Thank you for the Strategy Document! Next step is on me. Thanks for all the time you took to explain what I should know about my account!"


I had been looking for some help in jumpstarting my sales. After spending some regular time with Scott having him point me in the right direction I feel a lot more confident and am already seeing a difference.