As you well know…many things Amazon are getting more and more difficult. Enforcement efforts at Amazon are continuing to ramp up. What they require of sellers is getting closer and closer to perfection. My aim is to help you achieve that and to guide you through the necessary steps when you find yourself under their microscope. It is a challenging environment for both sellers and service providers.

I assess the circumstances up front so that the risks are addressed and you have a better understanding of the outcome.  A recent client elected to pursue reinstatement even though I indicated the likelihood of success was not very great. He chose to proceed because he felt it was worth it to try despite the risk of failure.

I’m happy to have a conversation about your situation with no charge for the first 10 minutes for a new case. We can both get a better idea if the issue is worth pursuing. Here’s my schedule: I can also be reached by email at [email protected].

If there is an area where I can’t help, or you would even decide to reach out for an independent assessment or second opinion, I am available to make referrals or help point you to the best resource for your needs.

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After being suspended by Amazon, we contacted Scott with Feedback Repair through a referral from a respected source.  Scott quickly scheduled a phone discussion to assess the causes of our problem with Amazon.  An appeal letter was crafted the following day, addressing each of the specific reasons for our suspension and detailing proposed corrective steps.  Best of all, we were reinstated two days after submitting our plan to Seller Performance.  Thanks a million to Scott for assisting us in saving our business.